November 2021 Ascension Energies Update

November’s Ascension Theme: Crossing The Threshold

Keywords:  Adventure, Overcoming, Different Rhythm

“Whether we arrive at these between-places by design, by accident, or by the choices that others have made for us, the threshold can be a place of wonders. It can also be chaotic, discombobulating, and even terrifying. Yet a threshold, chosen or otherwise, is a place of wild possibility. ” ~Jan Richardson


Awakened Soul,

In November we take our spiritually heightened awareness and instinctive drive that emerged in October to cross over the threshold to the next phase of our Ascension journey. Crossing the Threshold is a point in the Hero’s journey when one needs to rise to a calling or new level of service, undergoing a series of challenges as one pursues a goal, and in the process experiences extraordinary life transformations. This means leaving the comfort that we know, throwing off any illusion about our world, ourselves, and others. It also entails healing trauma and acknowledging our deepest fears as we move forward.

A reminder that 2021 is the start of a 10 year period of great scientific and technological innovations, reshaping of economies and societal power structures, new experiences, great adventure, and upheaval. The changes and events that occur in the next 10 years will shape humanity’s co-creative future to establish the 2032 New Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

2021 has been the year for us to start REBUILDING and begin the process of creating a life that is more balanced and sustaining on all levels. Events in our world over the last two years and cosmic energies have allowed us to unravel anything in our life that doesn't support this and therefore start to attract what we need for the next stage of our lives and our personal growth.

Crossing a Threshold can be a very exciting stage in the Hero’s journey – it requires taking the inspiration, intuition, sovereignty and clarity developed thus far, and courageously launching into the unknown in the direction of our dreams, hopes and visions.

As our Divine Blueprint unfolds we tap into our newly found sense of True Self, and our growing innate wisdom will steer us to a new destiny. 

Please watch my video below for more details!

In loving service, 


Archetypes for November (what we are learning/healing): 
The Guru, The Warrior


The Guru Elixir (Spiritual Connection, One with All, loss of more ego and falseness, the release of spiritual fear so that we can trust), The Warrior Essence (supports emotional and mental constructs of healthy self-worth, engage Will), DNA 9-10 Essence (ignition of Resolve, Resilience, Oneness, Non-duality)

Healing Teas: Release the Grief Tea

Sacred Sprays: Rose Hydrosol (love, compassion for self and others)


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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for NOVEMBER:

As the Veil continues to thin between timelines you will receive further upgrades and cosmic illumination about your life. You will continue to release any illusions regarding our world and your previous place in it. Be prepared for more grief and anger to rise within but also a growing sense of compassion for self and others.  

You are transforming scars that once caused you pain into higher knowledge and empowerment. Your trauma is being transformed from wound to wisdom. 

In releasing guilt or shame you are learning to acknowledge the higher purpose behind anything that is happening to you now. Remember that you are strong and will overcome that which seems insurmountable.

All is muddy, there is Truth in All,  so that you can only rely on yourself to intuit how you move forward step by step. You are letting go of duality to embrace more Oneness. Release any fear around abundance and safety, and bravely move forward in your decision making, trust yourself and trust the spiritual insight that you receive (The Guru)! 

Continue to find the resolve and resilience you need to move forward on your remarkable journey; your life is unique to you and you get to write each chapter regardless of outside forces that may want to control you and take away your outer freedom. (The Warrior). Stay in your heart when making decisions, think creatively to solve issues, treat others compassionately but with healthy boundaries. You are on the precipice of a brand new adventure!

Ascension symptoms for November include disillusionment, shame/guilt, moments of joy, continued release of grief through the lungs and large intestine, clearing of anger in defense of your needs in the gut (poor digestion),  humming/ringing in the ears, energy and heat fluctuations in the body, tight muscles, achy legs, soreness in the neck, jaw and shoulder blades, achy joints.

Also new truths and perspectives, better boundaries, deeper integrity, more creativity and connecting with your passion and desires, letting go, sadness, more clarity, up and down intensity of emotions, emotional sensitivity, throbbing of the throat, dry throat, swollen tonsils/tongue, soreness in the thymus area, plugged/pouring sinuses, stuffed up head/ears, heaviness in the chest, pain in solar plexus, red/dry eyes, kidney pain, some heartache and pain, watery/blurry eyes, low-grade headaches, pain behind the eyes (if you have any concerns please consult your health practitioner).

Cosmic Events

Nov 4, 14:14 (PST) - Super New Moon in Scorpio


November 4, 5 - Taurids Meteor Shower peaks.

November 17, 18 - Leonids Meteor Shower peaks.

Nov 18-19, 00:57 (PST) - Micro Full Moon in Taurus/Partial Lunar Eclipse (visible in Pacific)


Mercury Retrograde:

Pre-shadow - Sept 6 to 25

Retrograde - Sept 27 to October 17

Post-shadow - Oct 18 to Nov 3


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The Golden Spiral Essence Collection

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DNA Essences   $22 each
DNA Strands 1-6, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12


The process of returning to twelve strands of DNA in our earthly human form is a part of the Ascension process. 

Ascension is the process by which the human embodiment is elevated in vibration a little at a time, until it is vibrating to the resonance of empowerment and unconditional love.

There are 12 Strands of DNA in the human body. There are two physical strands with another ten inter-dimensional aspects upon them. They hold the knowledge of All That Is and Divine Remembrance.  


During this ignition process, at an etherical level, the ten inter-dimensional strands of DNA are connected within the circuitry of the cellular system of the body and the brain. 

As the embodiment elevates in vibration, and as the new DNA is connected, fear-based patterns and beliefs are released simultaneously and make room for the experience of more joy, creativity and self-expression.

This energetic transformation allows YOU to release the Victim archetype (the old paradigm of living) and live in the 5th dimensional True Self. 

I use these essences to remove any energetic blocks in the vibrational pathway to support clients to fully align with their unique Ascension process. 

I recently co-hosted an online Zoom event that included an in depth conversation About DNA ignition. Purchase the recording HERE


Seaside Garden update!

After a dry summer with a fire ban ( and no heavy machinery) the clearing for the Sense of the Soul Seaside garden begins. My creative juices are flowing!  

Essentially this serene, 1 acre ocean-side land was cleared to build the house but everything uprooted was left to let nature grow over it and regenerate.

As I suspected it allowed for rich soil to build underneath for almost 20 years. The garden is being tiered with stones to flow with the shape of the land. Thankfully the skid steer was able to move the bigger rocks.

Now to let the earth rest for the winter, plant some crystals around it to hold energetic space and plan where everything will go! I can see it in my head and will now put it on paper to share at a later date.



Golden Spiral Ascension Group - Are you seeking a new Soul Family?

A monthly online group that provides YOU with evolutionary support!

Come journey with me as we witness the rebirthing of Oneness, the True Self and the Divine Feminine in ourselves and humanity! 

This group is for you if:

*You want more guidance, consciousness and spiritual support as you weave your way through the Planetary Awakening process and Age of Aquarius.

*You already are or feel called to be a Lightworker, Wayshower, Lightbearer and Awakened Soul then this group is for you.  

*If you want a more sacred and meaningful life during these chaotic times  

*You want more confidence, comfort, intuitive knowing and soulful purpose.

*You are looking for your soul family of like-minded Ascension Pioneers

*You want to embody and fully live The Sorcerer/Sorceress Archetype

During 2021 through 2031 there will be a massive re-birthing of the Divine Feminine within our world. This is the loving, flowing energy of balance, creativity, intuition, abundance and heart-centered spirituality. This time will also see the dissolution of old systems and an awareness of our connectedness to All That Is.

We are preparing for the next Golden Age that will begin in 2032. However many are unprepared and will find these 10 years confusing and hopeless unless one is willing to actively engage with and master the principles and laws of Divine Creation.

This group will be learning how to partner with the energies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Creation which directs us and connects us to a co-creative existence and infinite possibilities. This includes attunement and alignment with the 12 Spiritual Laws and 12 Chakras, respecting and adhering to the 5 Cycles of Creation, and increasing activation of our 12 strands of human DNA.

The Golden Spiral Group officially starts March 31st, 2021!  HOWEVER, YOU CAN JOIN ANYTIME!

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You can join anytime, and opt in and out of each month as there is no recurring subscription.  You choose each month if you want to attend.

Samantha Orthlieb

Follow my blog for intuitively channelled insights on our Human Ascension process and the embodiment of a new Human Evolutionary Template within ourselves. My blog contains the latest themes, patterns, and common health and wellness issues that are affecting each of us and the collective consciousness as we upgrade and heal during this new paradigm of Love and Light.