Golden Spiral Essence Collection

Golden Spiral Collection

We are planting seeds in a new era which is called the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Age of Love, the Age of Intuition and the Age of Imagination and Innovation. 

2021 is the start of a 10 year period of great scientific and technological innovations, reshaping of economies, new experiences, great adventure, and continued upheaval/dismantling of old systems.  The changes and events that occur in the next 10 years will shape humanity’s co-creative future to establish the 2032 New Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

Many human-beings will feel called to assist in anchoring in this New Earth Timeline on the fifth dimensional plane, and create a life for themselves that is more empowered, balanced and sustaining on all levels. The old way of living is gone for those that vibrate at this frequency of the True Self.   

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