September 2019 Ascension Update

This Month’s Theme: Commitment, Connection & Wisdom

Hello Soul Family! 

Our learning in September brings a need to commit more fully to ourselves, increase love and compassion for ourselves, and connect to ourselves more deeply than ever.  

I feel it is important to point out that in practicing compassion we show a sincere desire to alleviate our suffering. We will be experiencing more insecurity and self-doubt this month, given the amount of emotional healing that will happen, as well as new experiences, circumstances, and opportunities that will arise, so compassion is a key aspect to moving through challenges and releasing any emotional overload.

It is important to continue to practice self-care, and to find the time to integrate all aspects of ourselves; mental, emotional, physical, vibrational, as we learn to be fully functional multi-dimensional beings, to reap the gift of wisdom with grace and calmness, otherwise more instability may overtake us.

The TENTH REALM of learning continues for the collective consciousness until October 6th which overall brings a deepening of connection to ourselves (see below). In doing so we will more clearly know that our life has passion and purpose. 

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS:  The Tenth Realm (Commitment & Connection), The Guru Essence (Spiritual Connection, One With All),  The Enchanter/Enchantress Elixir (Dreamwork, Multi-dimensional Consciousness)

Recommended Resources:
    Wishing you a month of deeply committing and connecting to yourself!  For more details please watch my video!

    Archetypes for September (what we are learning):
    The Guru, The Enchanter/Enchantress

    The Guru:- Transforming insecurity or fear on the spiritual path into calmness and tranquillity, more guidance in the form of dreams and visions.

    The Enchanter/Enchantress:  Learning to experience the full range of your emotions with wisdom and harmony, filtering more accurately the psychic, intuitive or empathetic information from those around you so that you can discern what is 'yours' and what is 'their's'. 

    Cosmic Events

    September 13 - Full Moon in Pisces/ Virgo

    September 23 - Equinox in Libra -first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere.

    September 28 - New Moon in Libra

    New Product


    A combination of flower, gem and cosmic essences to support your Ascension journey.

    Commitment, Listening, Connection

    Commitment to Self, Deeper Listening, Enhanced Self-Connectivity and Universal Connection

    * Supports one to let go of thinking structures and patterns of how we perceive we should behave 

    * Eases mental processes so one can tap into the heart more easily

    * Allows one to embrace the wisdom of the inner self with love and honour

    * Energizes the heart chakra, promotes confidence and emotional harmony

    * Assists with discarding fears that create self-doubt or criticism.

    * Unlocks old beliefs that may have prevented one from listening to one's inner wisdom.  

    * Brings hope and courage to humanity to take their personal power back 

    * Prepares one for a period of growth and enhanced understanding of path and purpose

    * Helps one with self-connection to obtain a deeper understanding of one’s inner, true self

    * Supports one to view life with a calmness and serenity.

    * Deepens connectivity between the Realms, between one's Self and the earth, between species, universe and earth connection

    * Enhances communication to create stronger connections and supportive relationships.

    Suggested Dosage:  15 drops twice daily under the tongue.  

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