Temple of Light

“If I had not fought through this anguish I would not have found this voice” - Mary Shelley (The Movie).

“Let the inner god that is in each one of us speak. The temple is your body, and the priest is your heart: it is from here that every awareness must begin.” -Alejandro Jodorowsky

What is our Temple of Light? - It is our inner sacred space which we create and build to let light in and to send light out to the world through our healing vibrations, intentions, thoughts and prayers.  It is our Higher Self and embodies our auric membrane which filters, transforms, transmutes and radiates light. It can transform negative/lower vibrations to higher ones. It can open to let in Divine Light which changes or activates our vibrational template, allowing in inspirational messages, direction, clarity and cosmic / ancient wisdom.  In essence it is the divine spark which each of us hold within. And in November we are being called to master another level of holding our inner Light ; what we let in, how we hold space within and how we “work with” energy outside of us to manifest our needs and impassioned dreams - regardless of any chaos or negativity.

We are learning through November’s spiritual tests to become the true guardian of our inner power. October’s shadow work and clearing allowed us to upgrade by going through more arduous circumstances and clearing past trauma.  With each test we gained more resilience, courage, strength and focus needed to work with this next level of mastery. There is also now more ease, more ability to flow despite any outside blocks or chaos. We continue to embody the 6th Realm of Ascension learning and balance our emotions, our head and heart and our earthly self with the spiritual self. By doing so we can more effortlessly breathe life into our dreams and continue to manifest the possibilities that we deeply yearn for.

By mid November we will need to seek more spiritual solitude and mysticism to give us access to our inner knowing.  Our growing shrewdness can then tune in to give us clarity to know which road to take as we will be sowing seeds this month for a riper journey ahead come December.   We are our own guru and only we know where we need to go. Right action will continue to come to us, and allow us to keep moving forward via support from cosmic events.  We do not need to know every detail, or how it will all work out. In this new paradigm of multi-dimensional living we just take a step forward, hold our heartfelt vision and have faith in the process.

In service,


Psychospiritual and Psycho-physical symptoms for November:  You will need to hold healthy boundaries this month with grace and continue to express your true needs in each moment.  Pay attention to your adrenal energy and support it - as the first half of the month will be very busy. As we shift into Mercury Retrograde (Nov 16), things will slow down a bit, giving you the chance to regroup and review your current choices.

You will need to seek out that which nurtures your innermost being and creative essence.  Put your ideas to paper, percolate and give life to your inspirations. This gives you the chance to shift perceptions around beliefs and break free from past trauma. Keep dreaming, love yourself and sail forth! Don’t fret about all the details. Honour your fire, focus your intention and release the arrow.

Get out into nature when possible, eat well, exercise gently, have epsom salts bath, journal, make a dream board, do anything creative, read inspirational books and poetry, take time to digest and process your emotions - as they come up they will help you transform, so take past trauma, negativity or fear and instead direct that emotional energy to create what you need!  

Keywords for November  - Cosmic Wisdom, Spiritual Connection, Centering, Self Truth. Balanced Power, Will

Archetypes for November:  The Warrior,  The Guru

November’s Cosmic Events:

Nov 7th:  New Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Samhain - leading up to this moon it will be emotionally intense.  Listen deeply, be fearless, keep growing and be true to yourself. Follow any hunches, ideas or thoughts that come to you via your guides, prayers or intuitive hits.  Follow your passions and the answers will come to you.

Nov 11: 11:11:11 - this is an 11 number year (2+0+1+8) so this Nov 11 gateway packs a mastery punch!  After Nov 11 we enter a 3 week period were we will be more deeply honing our inner landscape - and being in our Higher Self will be more important than ever to maintain inner balance as we continue to clear any shadow or trauma.

Nov 16 to Dec 6 - Mercury Retrograde - this is the last Mercury Retrograde of the year.  We dive more deeply into our learning and mastery in order to build another tier on our inner Temple of Light. Preshadow phase:  Oct 28-Nov 15. Retrograde: Nov 16 to Dec 6. Post shadow phase: Dec 7-24

Nov 17/18: Leonid Meteor peaks .  The Leonids' shooting stars are visible between November 6 and 30, and peak on the night of November 17 and early morning of November 18, 2018 - Meteor showers bring illumination so allow yourself to have alone time to make space to receive further clarity about yourself and your self limiting patterns and beliefs.

Nov 22: Full Moon in Gemini.  - Allow yourself to be lifted out of your struggle - you are in the death throes of a deep pattern that is falling away.  Have faith in yourself, keep going, and know that you can let go, heal and move forward to a higher sense of consciousness and authenticity.

Pictured:  A Temple of Light- hold this image in your mind as your learn to hold your own temple of light within!


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