The Allowing

“Life is meant to be remarkable... let go and let it be!” ― Heidi Reagan

“Rest a while as the new growth takes place. Observe changes in your outer and inner world. This is your foundation for the next step.” ― Kelly Martin

"The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed by the change; happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up."-- Charles Morgan

As we enter into February we are in the final phase of shedding our past, and those of us that want to move on to a higher level of living are now able to do so starting this month.  We are poised and ready for the Allowing of a new level of being to fill us up; possibility, desire and wanderlust is beginning to unfold.  Living in the 5th Dimension, and as spiritual beings, we are allowed to have a life of soulful abundance, we are allowed to feel loved, we are allowed to love ourselves.  We are meant to find joy in the everyday, even beyond the chaos and unrest.  We are able to have a cocoon of space to come fully into ourselves so that we can offer our service to each other, versus worrying about whether or not we measure up or deserve it.  This is not about selfishness or greed but about truly feeling worthy to receive.  And in receiving we feel nourished and then able to blossom into our highest potential.  Our soul is saying:  It is time to take it up a notch!

Our destiny has been accelerating since the Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon on January 31st...we transition and transform to something new, however we must increase our level of empowerment and heart resonance to match with this new coding that the Divine is showering us with.  We are clearing again at an accelerated rate for the next two weeks (see below for symptoms) in order for our earthly body and mind to match these new frequencies.  By February 22nd the collective consciousness is moving to the THIRD REALM; which is the next stage of our Ascension growth until May!



Response-Ability, Allowing, Revelation

- Supports response-ability for our place as part in the whole - the whole Self, the whole of life

- Allows us to see the whole picture - to see and comprehend wholeness in all things

- Enhances our ability to be reliant on each other and that we are responsible for each other

- Enable us to feel at ease in our own being, at the centre of the whole, rather than feeling overwhelmed or despairing at this level of responsibility

- Increases awareness that every decision affects our life, and with an awareness of how to make choices from a place of wholeness using our “shrewdness”

- Creates allowing and understanding of our potential to support the earth we inhabit from a place of strength, ease and wholeness within

- Brings awareness of our capacity for pure wisdom, so that we may receive revelation into the deep mysteries of Life and be open to authentic encounters with cosmic consciousness

This is an exciting time and a launching pad for the next stage of our life.  With this co-creative, Third Realm of coding what we contemplate, manifest, and is already in the works will take root during February.  We will feel more capable of “living it”.   There is still fall-out from our past folly, wounding or trauma that hinders us from fully grasping onto the new.   It will be in this month’s allowing that we find the ability to release the heaviness, depression, grieving and let more light and life in again after loss and trauma.  Hope, joy and new options are seeping into the ethers. Our New Human Template is opening to allow this passionate wisdom to settle in and revive us.

In Service,


Psychospiritual and Psycho-physical symptoms for February:  Expect an increase in grieving during the first two weeks of February as you shed the last of your past self.  As I mentioned in my January blog our karmic past is finished, we are sloughing off the remainder of our past bodily density.  There will be headaches, gummy/red/ irritated eyes, heart palpitations, intense grieving and anger, heat waves, chills, sinus issues, vivid dreaming, short sleep cycles, sweating from the heart chakra and thymus area, prickly / itchy/ heat flushing skin, purging / burning bowel movements, bloating, "flu symptoms", irregular blood sugar, muddled thinking, fatigue, needing more water, sleep and food , feeling ungrounded and wired-as our bodies are upgrading very quickly! So rest, eat more frequently, drink more water! Some may also get ringing in the ears, or shifts in frequency in the ears.  Our Ascension symptoms will decrease after Feb 15th.  After Feb 22nd we will feel we have a more solid direction and will be less hard on ourselves and others.  :)  Yay!

Archetypes for February:  The Mystic (Soulful Abundance), The Magical Child  (Joyful Awe, Infinite Possibility), The Alchemist (Alchemical Transition).

Cosmic Dates for February:

February is a relatively gentle month for celestial activity after Feb 15th. We need this time to settle in , integrate, establish flow, and to allow the shifting Masculine and Feminine between the two Eclipses to bring us together into more Oneness by Feb 22nd.  

February 2, Imbolc, Candlemas, Groundhog day

February 15th, Partial Solar Eclipse & New Moon -  Partial Solar Eclipse, Lunar Imbloc, New Moon in Aquarius - more Divine Masculine energy grounds within the collective (more the Feminine energy came in with the Jan 31 Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon).

February 22 -  is when the masculine and feminine come together within us, and then we are onto the next stage of Oneness and Service!

Pictured:  Third Realm Essence - supports our transition and sets the vibrational template for our earthly and spiritual learning during this next phase of Ascension.  A blend of flower, gem and cosmic essences, water, alcohol.  $22