Blue Star Essence 30ml

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9th Chakra


Divine Karmic Freedom

(Divination, Shape Shifting, Esoteric Arts, Soul Wisdom)


Beyond the 1st - 8th Chakras, there exists an extended chakra system of the 9th - 12th Chakras that are above the human body in our vibrational field. These upper chakras are the key to the next level of human evolution. During the Human Ascension process, we are learning to activate these upper chakras and move into deeper levels of awareness and attunement of our connection to the cosmic web of life and All That Is. 


Connection to the ninth chakra, or the Blue Star, supports the integration of the earthly self with your Divine Self (unity consciousness) and assists in the manifestation of desires and abundance.


The Blue Star chakra connects you to other realms and dimensions so you can unlock new talents and abilities that are contained in your soul’s blueprint. It is like handing you the keys to Cosmic Consciousness!


When you experience unity consciousness and wholeness in yourself, you can shapeshift your earthly perspective to a spiritually expansive one so that you can navigate your earthly trials.


Because the Blue Star supports multi-dimensional shifting and the ability to contact other cosmic beings such as angels, guides, and Ascended Masters, our connection to the Blue Star also heightens our senses to receive the information that surrounds us, creating action which comes from a deeply wise and intuitive place. 


Ingredients: A blend of flower, gem, and cosmic essences, water, alcohol


Suggested Dosage: 15 drops twice daily under the tongue or in a glass of water.


All of the Star Chakra Essences allow attunement to this learning: Attention to spiritual and cosmic realms, significance in a soul’s Ascension, fosters connection with Divinity, development of spiritual skillset, accessing one’s Greater Divine Blueprint.


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