White Star Essence 30ml

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12th Chakra



(Ancient Knowledge, Ascension, Cosmic Knowledge, Soul Star, Monadic Divinity, Divine Masculine)


Beyond the 1st-8th Chakras, there exists an extended chakra system of the 9th-12th Chakras that are above the human body in our vibrational field. These upper chakras are the key to the next level of human evolution. During the Human Ascension process, we are learning to activate these upper chakras and move into deeper levels of awareness and attunement of our connection to the cosmic web of life and All That Is. 


The White Star connects you to a sense of euphoria and elation through gratitude and an awareness of the sweetness of life. When the White Star Chakra is open, connected and flowing, your spiritual sensitivity increases so you can attune to Spirit, angelic presences around you, and your guidance from helping spirits and Ascended Masters. 


The White Star supports you to reorient your life stories from your core self and a place of higher consciousness, creating more peace and ease in our life. 


During the Human Ascension process, you are being called to awaken on every level of awareness into healed wholeness; the White Star facilitates the clearing of debris from your psyche so you can tap into your talents and divine direction.


Most importantly, as you connect to your White Star you will attune more and more to Divine discernment. This will equip you with total equanimity and be able to live with grace and poise in a challenging world.


As you tap into your White Star you are reconnected to all parts of the Trinity: The True Self, The Twin Flame, and the Source of all Creation. This allows for soul and divinity remembrance, heart-opening, deep compassion, and love. You can then access constant renewal from Source to support your ascendance.


Ingredients: A blend of flower, gem, and cosmic essences, water, alcohol


Suggested Dosage: 15 drops twice daily under the tongue or in a glass of water.


All of the Star Chakra Essences allow attunement to this learning: Attention to spiritual and cosmic realms, significance in a soul’s Ascension, fosters connection with Divinity, development of spiritual skillset, accessing one’s Greater Divine Blueprint.


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