16 Realms - Full Description

Continued....The 16 Realms is a vast universe of space, a multi-verse, which folds in and out of itself, it is limitless, it is able to bend time and reality.  It consists of many universes, running parallel to one another, which creates endless possibilities and a multitude of outcomes. Krenaurez wants us to know that the planet Earth can become part of the 16 Realms if we Unify our consciousness enough and allow our collective consciousness to connect and join with this immense reality. While we run parallel to it (and are already part of it), we can only become consciously attuned if enough of us choose to do so.  This is not an individual effort.  We determine this outcome with our every unifying thoughts, choices and expressions of integrity, creativity and love.  When enough of us align with co-creation in all its choices and expressions we will create a cosmic and planetary tipping point that pulls in wave after wave of transformation.

August 21, 2017 marks a time in history in which we can completely leave our old dual reality, our old "stories", our old human karma and merge into a new crystalline template, a new set of energetic codes which firmly anchors in 5th Dimensional reality into the planetary grid system.  The 5th Dimension is a "gateway" to an entirely different way of living and being on our planet, and will open our sensory system to a galactic awareness that is unprecedented and untainted by human prejudice.  

There are more Dimensions beyond the 5th, there are more possibilities than we can even imagine at this stage of our relatively young evolution.  There are many galactic, angelic and earth Deva beings in the multi-verse that want to connect with us and share their greetings, their knowledge, their wisdom that will allow us to usher in great change and ultimately a planetary and galactic alliance, via collective thought, telepathy and psychic transmission.  This will allow even more discoveries and evolutionary transmissions to further collective evolution.  Peace, Abundance, and Unity are possible, and in concert with Divine Will and more forthcoming galactic emissaries, who are transmitting new Light frequencies, we can bring this outcome to our planet.

The 16 Realms Collection are very high vibrating flower, gem and cosmic essence blends, which are attuned and embody messages from Krenaurez to support us as we continue our soulful journey to form a New Earth reality.  Each 16 Realms essence is a guidepost to illuminate our way through universal transition in the coming years.  Every essence is made on a certain cosmic date and in a corresponding crystal bowl to further encode and activate the water that the essences are made in.  All flowers or gems used are grown or placed in the Chakra Garden at the Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary to anchor in the nature deva energy.  Each essence will be released when Krenaurez transmits to me that it is time to do so.  

2017-2020 will be extremely challenging, requiring us to join together as a united and heart empowered community, focused on building a new society from the crumbling patriarchy. Between 2017 and 2038 we will be initiated through profound shifts in our world and in ourselves that will be chaotic, indefinite, surreal and subtle and will require us to rewire our brain and nervous system, become very adaptable, fluid and make swift, intuitive decisions.  We must respond and be aware of the darkness of our human nature; to see it and transmute it.  Our entire body template is becoming crystalline; a higher vibrating physical and energetic stellar and illumed Light Language.

Each 16 Realms essence blend supports new Light Language coding that is coming to us from the multi-universe, and a higher vibration will be required in our energy centers, cellular matrix and etheric energy fields to transmute and remain in our human form to live our soulful collaborative destiny while still staying connected to our unique spiritual divine essence.  These Higher Heart essences allow one to attune to the coming changes and adjust our sense of Self to this galactic consciousness of Sovereign Service, creating an Allowing and embodying to live them fully with expressive grace and Divine presence.  We are the ones we have been waiting for; we are Divine Love and here to be a container to hold and carry this escalating quantum of Light.

In faithful service and Light, 


Evolutionary Oracle, Contemporary Medicine Woman


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