Senses of the Soul Belief Repatterning Card

Belief Repatterning Card Evolving Archetypes

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Belief Repatterning & Subconscious Healing Technique Card
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Use this Card to muscle test for beliefs and subconscious patterns that are affecting your path to dynamic health and wellness.  

The card contains test phrases for the seven Evolving Archetypes for muscle testing:  The Shaman, The Mystic, The Spiritual Warrior, The Magical Child, The Muse, The Alchemist, The Priest/Priestess. Use the test phrases to determine the archetypal belief or beliefs in each chakra that need healing on your spiritual journey. Follow with 5 drops of the appropriate Senses of the Soul Flower and Gemstone Essence or 30 drops of the appropriate Herbal Elixir to clear the belief. Then perform the Healing Technique sequence. Repeat as necessary until the muscle response is strong and locked.

This healing technique is taught in my Delving Deeply Course and is a unique way to test yourself and others. Excellent for practitioners such as natural health practitioners and therapists to use in their practice with clients.