Celestial Healing Soak 300g

Celestial Healing Soak 300g

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Senses of the Soul Celestial Healing Soak 


The Celestial Healing Soak is a divine smelling bath salts that immerses your senses with universal awareness.  Enjoy this Epsom Salts soak in a bath to feel that you are sitting in a sea of eternity which brings connection with Spirit in all its forms.  It is a healing balm for the soul and clears the vibrational field to allow greater alignment with Oneness. Pour the entire contents in your bathtub and smell the heavenly Helichrysum, Lavender and Vanilla oils.  Handcrafted in small batches.  


Helichrysum Essential Oil - is the ultimate healer.  It takes the wounded soul by the hand, guiding them through life’s difficulties. If the wounded individual can persevere, this oil can take them into new heights of spiritual consciousness and offers hope that their wounds can be healed.

Lavender Essential Oil and Flowers - Calms your mind, allows you to surrender to the flow of life and be open to receive higher guidance. Aligns you with universal consciousness.

Vanilla Essential Oil - Allows acceptance of your God/Goddess like Self and the uniqueness of you on this earthly plane.

Passionflower Essence - Connects you to guidance from your angelic messengers and the cosmos so that you can access spiritual inspiration and direction.