16 Realms Collection - Eleventh Realm

Eleventh Realm 30ml

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The Eleventh Realm Essence

Ingredients: A blend of flower, gem and cosmic essences, water, alcohol

Suggested Dosage: 10 drops twice daily under the tongue or in a glass of water 

Unseen, Enhancement, Crossing


- Brings a deeper meaning of inner connectedness, and the release of grief, trauma, pain that is unseen or perhaps even unfelt. 

- Supports slowing down, connecting with yourself and finding balance in your life. 

- Integrates opposite aspects of yourself into harmonious living.

- Creates a cross over point between the material realm and other realms (multi-dimensional integration).  This brings more balance and harmony between the “unseen and the “seen” in all aspects of being (spiritual, mental, emotional, your purpose, your truth)

- Releases blockages in your energy pathways to enhance Root Chakra (1st) energy to rise up into the body and into all of the chakras/energy meridians

- Helps the body to intuitively know how to hold on to additional chakra energy and use it when appropriate to support your soul's journey.

- Supports the letting go of dysfunctional patterns and repressed emotions (fear, pain and suffering) so you can "be the change" and attain another level of elevated consciousness. 

- Creates the abundance needed for you to feel empowered.

- Enhances spiritual states and hearing the voice of the heart. 

- Expedites clarity in the subconscious. 

- Aligns your inner knowing with your higher truth and Higher Self. 

- Bridges the energies of the third and seventh chakras so that you can be clear and confident in your decision making.

- Releases emotional and mental toxicity



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