16 Realms Collection - Fourteenth Realm

Fourteenth Realm 30ml

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The Fourteenth Realm Essence

Ingredients: A blend of flower, gem and cosmic essences, water, alcohol

Suggested Dosage: 10 drops twice daily under the tongue or in a glass of water


Strength, Beginnings, Connections


- Dislodges heavy patterns and energies that live in the lower astral frequencies sometimes referred to as energetic parasites; it helps one to dissolve unconscious cords or connections with people or other entities.

- Helps connect the left and right side of the brain for greater illumination and lightness of being, it increases psychic downloading and may bring clarity to psychological issues. 

- Releases and dissolves emotions so that you can see your life and the world with child-like wonder.  It enlightens and allows you to be the Light that you are.

- Supports the emergence of courage, balanced ego forces, and self-confidence as one steps into service and leadership.  Strengthens your sense of Self.

- Allows tranquil, restful energy, and helps you to make peace with yourself and those around you so the deepest layer of healing can begin.

- Induces deep centering and produces aligned energy conducive to the channeling of higher information. It allows you to gain deeper insights and understanding. It helps to open the heart to constant renewal from Source.

- Supports you to course-correct yourself away from the fears and attachments that rule your life.


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