Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck

Senses of the Soul Oracle Card Deck

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An 84 card oracle deck with a 227 page, full colour guidebook! 

“How deeply do you want to live your life?” 

The accelerating pace of life on Earth has intensified the human ascension process, leaving many of us feeling lost and overwhelmed. These cards carry the psychospiritual medicine offered by our sacred plant allies and the wise counsel of the archetypal energies situated within each of our chakras to illuminate our journey.

The Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck and Guidebook has been created to support you to access your inner guidance in these chaotic times. Each card will help you attune to your Higher Self and what’s needing your attention at this moment, and includes specific practice suggestions to integrate the healing energy of the card into your life.

For more information and a sneak peek at the guidebook click HERE

Each card deck is $44. Card deck box contains 84 cards and a 227-page guidebook.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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An amazing oracle deck.

Bruce Breadner
A song from Mother Earth and that space a few inches above your head.

I remember being very excited about this deck during its production. I looked forward to it very much until the day it arrived for distribution.
There is so much beauty in its creation, contents, teachings and it's medicines.

For anyone who has had a one-on-one with Samantha at any point will understand her gifts, psychospiritual, and plant based medicinal healing practices.
For those who haven't, I'd would highly encourage you to.

The deck is all of these things you can include into your daily being.
In a very gentle and natural way, it can help guide you on your way.
It can show you where you are, where you've yet to go, and illuminate some of the work on yourself or in other areas you might need to spend time with.
It will help you connect with your higher self or the voices of those that might guide you.
The deck is just this - a song from Mother Earth and that space a few inches above your head.

Toni Jarvis Fadollone

This is a special oracle deck. As I read the other reviews I found myself nodding and not surprised to see people using it in so many different ways. I totally believe you can use this deck no matter how much oracle experience you have. It is a true guide. I tend to use it the most with my other card readings. It holds a depth of knowledge you know has been channeled for our elevation. When I place it's wisdom within the spread of the other cards I am doing energy work with, it acts as keys to certain areas I am activating or opening. You will not be disappointed with this deck, it holds a creative energy that enhances all you do with it. Thank You Samantha .
They are beautiful cards, large and higher quality than most these days.

Thank you so much! We're excited to hear it's been a useful aid in your journey!

Jessica E
I love this deck!

I love this deck! I use the cards as part of my morning ritual while drinking my cup of tea. I pull a card each day and always find hope in what the cards share. Not only is the desk incredibly beautiful, my favourite aspect is that I get to learn about the psychospiritual meaning associated to each plant. Defiantly a must have if you are seeking to learn and grow with plant medicine!

Great tool for my daily spiritual practice

I received this deck as a gift from a dear friend to remind me of my spiritual practice. I choose a card everyday on which to reflect and journal. The cards are consistantly profound and insightful. They have been incredibly helpful to my journey. I like that there is a practical recommendation to support utilizing the guidance given by the cards. I am also very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy learning about the different botanicals! I probably have at least 15 card decks that are collecting dust on shelves which I have attempted to incorporate into my daily self care ritual, unsuccessfully. This deck has really been a powerful tool to help me move though a period of stagnation and overwhelm back towards balance. I Love it! Thank you!