Sixteenth Realm 30ml

Sixteenth Realm 30ml

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The  Sixteenth Realm Essence

Ingredients: A blend of flower, gem, and cosmic essences, water, alcohol

Suggested Dosage: 10 drops twice daily under the tongue or in a glass of water


Healing, Heightening, Unity


- Heightens the sensory system such as intuition, telepathic and channeling powers to clearly see destructive patterns and heal them 

- Unifies the dark and light side of you into Wholeness, balances yin and yang, balances masculine and feminine, connects heaven and earth within you.  Allows you to find the final learning in your shadow side

- Speeds inner healing and alignment with universal consciousness

- Supports you to surrender your personal agenda, receive inspirational guidance, and direction.  This allows new alternatives you never dreamt possible free to manifest so you can move forward with trust, ease, and a feeling of Oneness  

 - Unbinds past memories locked in the soul, so they can be released and cleansed without going through a process of reliving them anymore in this lifetime

- Stabilizes the subconscious and the dream state to allow for better lesson integration and a multi-dimensional perspective

- Increases life force and opens the 1st and 2nd Chakras to integrate universal coding in those chakras for Divine Blueprint initiation


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