16 Realms Collection - Thirteenth Realm

Thirteenth Realm 30ml

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The Thirteenth Realm Essence

Ingredients: A blend of flower, gem and cosmic essences, water, alcohol

Suggested Dosage: 10 drops twice daily under tongue or in glass of water


Soul Remembrance, Spiritual Insight, Lesson Integration


"All the ancient knowledge down to genetic memory, all we think the soul's forgotten, we now remember"


- Supports expansion to allow energetic input that brings spontaneous bursts of enlightenment

- Increases perceptive inner power and widens insights

- Supports one to have the courage to go beyond previous safe boundaries into uncharted regions of the mind

- Creates the willingness to let go and become clear on what decisions are needed to be made to truly serve

- Aligns one with the universal consciousness, calms the nervous system, supports sleep so that one can receive higher cosmic guidance and access intuition

- Allows new alternatives that were never dreamed possible as free to manifest


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