August 2019 Ascension Update

August 2019 Ascension Update

This month’s theme: Listening

Hello Soul Family! 

There are 3 Key concepts to focus on in August:

LISTENING:  We continue to integrate wholeness and heal our wounding which requires us to be receptive and listen.  As this FEMININE energy of receptivity seeps into our cells we dissolve more separation, negative beliefs and emotions that keeps us disengaged from each other and the next level of our growth, authenticity and destiny.  Being receptive in a situation (which means being in the moment without judgement) or maintaining receptivity when concerned about our future, is key to reaping the benefits of the 8:8 Lion’s gate and the power within that will be generated this month.  

SELF-CARE AND NURTURING ourselves is still at the top of our TO DO list, as this will create the space for what is next to come in; for the people and opportunities that will shape the next stage of our life.  

We continue to create BALANCE in all areas of our life as we self-care and discover what we need.

Sitting in the void of the unknown is part of change, and change cannot happen if there is no space for receptivity.  This means no contracting, no holding the breath, releasing our need to fill our time...and being open to adventure!

Also embracing our fear about the unknown allows us to be still, to not be driven to act or react because of it. Wise choices are made when we create the space to process.

NON-RESISTANCE is essential to what seems to be dissolving or unravelling in our life.  Embracing what is breaking down allows us then to assimilate the breakthrough and synthesize the best outcome.  

This creates freedom within.  Freedom is the willingness to fully inhabit the moment and recognize that we can choose how we perceive reality.  It’s time to stop resisting anything in our life experience so that the changes we deeply long for, what our soul knows we need, will happen!  Achieve, Believe, Receive!

We enter the TENTH REALM of learning from August 5th until October 6th which overall brings a deepening of connection to ourselves (see below). 

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS:  The Tenth Realm (Listening),  The Shaman Essence (Soulful Rebirth), The Prophet Elixir (Creative Expression, Communication), The Spiritual Warrior (Psycho-spiritual endurance) 

Recommended Resources:

Wishing you a month of deeply listening to your soul’s voice!  For more details please watch my video!

Cosmic Events

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes Direct - July 31/August 1st

Post shadow - August 2 to 15

July 31/August 1 * - New Moon / Black Moon in Leo

August 5 - Tenth Realm of learning begins

August 8 - 8:8 Lion’s Gate

August 12/13 - Perseids Meteor Shower

August 15/16* - Full Moon in Aquarius

August 30/31*: New Moon / Black Moon in Virgo

*depends on time zone

New Products


A combination of flower, gem and cosmic essences to support your Ascension journey.

Commitment, Listening, Connection

Commitment to Self, Deeper Listening, Enhanced Self-Connectivity and Universal Connection

* Supports one to let go of thinking structures and patterns of how we perceive we should behave 

* Eases mental processes so one can tap into the heart more easily

* Allows one to embrace the wisdom of the inner self with love and honour

* Energizes the heart chakra, promotes confidence and emotional harmony

* Assists with discarding fears that create self-doubt or criticism.

* Unlocks old beliefs that may have prevented one from listening to one's inner wisdom.  

* Brings hope and courage to humanity to take their personal power back 

* Prepares one for a period of growth and enhanced understanding of path and purpose

* Helps one with self-connection to obtain a deeper understanding of one’s inner, true self

* Supports one to view life with a calmness and serenity.

* Deepens connectivity between the Realms, between one's Self and the earth, between species, universe and earth connection

* Enhances communication to create stronger connections and supportive relationships.

Suggested Dosage:  15 drops twice daily under the tongue.

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