July 2019 Ascension Update

July 2019 Ascension Update

This Month’s Theme:  Restorative Love

Hello Soul Family! 

July is packed with two significant eclipses in July, and enhanced by Mercury Retrograde!  All of which will speed our clearing, healing and take dense layers off of our heart chakra as well as enhance a balanced third chakra.  More heart centered empowerment is on the way. More sifting through to find what our true needs are, what our truth is, and what we need in relationships in particular.  July is POWER packed with illumination and super strong energies.

The eclipse gateways will trigger awareness of needs in certain areas of our lives, such as our relationship to work, to our health, body, and so on. This is a time when issues that have been brewing for quite awhile now under the surface come to the light of day. This can create a course correct, change in direction or shift in our destiny.  

TIME IS NOT CONSISTENT DURING ECLIPSE GATEWAYS.  IT MAY SPEED UP, SLOW DOWN OR WE LOSE TRACK OF TIME EASILY.  So it is important to stay focused, set priorities, continue to self-care and not get pulled into inner mental chatter or drama.  Doing so will create balance.

As emotions bubble to the surface we will continue to be more vulnerable with each other, let go of the ego needing to be “right”, This still means potentially bashing into each other which has been happening more over the last few weeks...so July energies mean we need to watch our words, and be more conscious of communicating more effectively.  Mercury Retrograde, which begins July 7th, always creates more communication issues, so we also need to be more patient with ourselves and others! 

This is going to be a VERY emotional month!  Our emotions will continue to lead the way, with no way to avoid our issues!  Relationships this month will either deepen or splinter so that we can move on to a new path and potentially even find new soul family that assists us on the next stage of soulful learning.  By the end of this month we reach a tipping point in our healing process to leave the Ninth Realm of learning and enter into the Tenth Realm.

Archetypes for July:  The Warrior, The Sage. 

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS:  The Ninth Realm (Restorative Love),  The Sage Elixir, The Warrior Essence, Sacred Union Tea 

Cosmic Events

Mercury Retrograde

Preshadow - June 20 to July 6th

Mercury Retrograde begins July 7th

Mercury goes Direct - July 31/August 1st

Post shadow - August 2 to 15

July 2 - New Moon in Cancer and Total Solar Eclipse

July 16 - Full Moon in  Capricorn and Partial Lunar Eclipse

July 28, 29 - Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower

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Wishing you a peaceful and transformational month!  For more details please watch my video!

New Products: Soulful Self-Care Series!

This is the year of the Solar Plexus, which is the third chakra area and centers around self-worth and self-care.  There are many ways that we can nurture ourselves, and one of my favourite ways is a long soak in a hot bath. I love epsom salts for relaxing muscles and use homemade body scrub to keep my skin smooth and nourished.  

To support the self-care theme for clients and customers I created two natural ingredient, soak and scrub products that support soulful bodycare. Handcrafted in small batches at the farm in the herbal creation room! 

Now you can have a spa night at home!  

Introducing  Soulful Soak and Soulful Herbal Body Scrub!

Soulful Soak

Soak tired muscles and cleanse your energy field after a long day!  Pour the entire contents in your bathtub and smell the Rose, Lavender and Rosemary oils, which also nourish your skin.  Also contains Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Rose Petals and Lavender Flowers. Buy 1 for $4.50, buy 3 for $4.00 each ($12)

Soulful Herbal Body Scrub

This fragrant body scrub has a sugar base with Rose petals and Chamomile flowers, Grapeseed oil, Rose Hydrosol and flower essences that support self-care and self-love.  It promotes gentle exfoliation for healthier, nourished, soft skin. $7 for 250ml / 8oz jar.

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