September 2020 Ascension Energies Update

This‌ ‌month’s‌ ‌themes:‌  ‌Spontaneity & Instinctual Awareness ‌

Hello‌ ‌Soul‌ ‌Family,‌

In September we are digging deeper into certain aspects of our Human Ascension learning.   New cosmic coding from the universe will alter our vibrational field, expand our instinctual awareness and encourage us to learn to live in the present moment (spontaneity) as it relates to Spiritual Ambition.  Instinctual awareness is guided by spontaneous gut intuition and is beyond tapping into the mind or heart.  Instinct taps us into a sea of Oneness, which is the experience of eternal wisdom within all of the earth and the cosmos.  

Our human brain tends to try to predict the outcome of new experiences to make us feel safe, and then by way of prediction, comparing new experiences to past experiences (including unconscious trauma) to make us feel safe or bring certainty to the future outcome.  We then base our decisions, actions and reactions on this process.  This creates deep suffering, mental/emotional turmoil and blocks our inner growth; we lose our truth, our voice and our creativity.  As a result divisiveness and separation exists between us and others.  

With instinctual awareness we move beyond these limitations and intuitively feel our way.  We move into the truth of the Self beyond the past and future; we only live in the truth of the moment, fear is then erased, and we can see with crystal clear discernment, truly feel at peace and have compassion for all that is around us.  This awareness allows us to be connected to our wholeness, and to All That Is, an eternal synergy which brings all humans together in co-creative harmony and understanding. 

This month we will be invited to use our growing instinctive discernment to tap more into conscious communication and align our words and actions with our sense of integrity. This relates to the Prophet archetype which requires us to be in the moment, channel our truth, and release the outcome of that which we cannot control. Doing this aligns us with higher intent and the will of Spirit, Unity and Co-creation.  We then follow our spiritual ambition to find our purpose and be of service to humanity.

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Archetypes for September (what we are learning):  The Prophet (Communication, Integrity), The Spiritual Warrior (Spiritual Integrity), The Alchemist (Alchemical Transition)

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for September
You will be invited to cleanse toxic thoughts about events unfolding outside yourself that make you feel anxious or cause you to sway from your truth (see The Prophet archetype).  You will continue to learn life from a place of empowerment versus control, so that you can find more clarity with your direction for how to serve in the world with your natural talents and abilities.

This will allow you to have flexibility of will and a willingness to learn lessons related to inner power (see The Spiritual Warrior).  Alchemize any heavy energies or toxic thoughts through detaching from the outcome and writing or speaking your truth.  Stay away from drama and from draining energies or people (see The Alchemist)

Your body also changes with the seasons, and will therefore also need more care; so it is important to rest, support your adrenal glands, eat nourishing food that is warmer as the temperature becomes colder, and find joy in the small things.  As new coding comes in with each Moon and the Equinox, you will need to allow space for your body, mind and soul to align with your inner growth.  Ascension symptoms will go up and down (see below).  Invite in fairness, compassion, cooperation, healthy discussion, and understanding in all areas of your life.  

There will still be sleep issues, redemptive, wild dreaming, heat flushing/sweating, digestion discomfort with pain (particularly in the liver/gallbladder area), clearing in the digestive area off and on, circulatory problems, heart pain and palpitations, swollen, watery or dry red eyes, sinus and lymph issues, throat soreness/congestion or feeling swollen, cortisol spiking (so weight gain around the middle), blood sugar issues,  frayed nerves, anxiety, fear, grief, feeling unsafe.  You will also have moments of passion and knowing your truth.  Will you move past your fear and speak your truth of Self and/or take action?

Cosmic Events

Sept 1, Full Moon in Pisces @ 11:22pm (MST) -  Step out of your comfort zone, leave behind the old and outdated and make a concerted effort to steer your life towards service and purpose.  Release fear and anxiety and use natural skills, talents and abilities to benefit yourself and others.  Focus on your highest expectations.

Sept 17, New Moon in Virgo @ 5:00am (MST) - Sweeping changes are happening and asking you to make essential changes in your life.  Even the smallest positive step forward keeps the momentum and motivation going.  Stand strong in your conviction and ask for help from angels and guides.  Live your life in your own truth.  Do not let your fears or other people’s opinions deter or hinder you.  Remain true to yourself.  

Sept 22, Autumn EQUINOX @7:30am (MST)- Stand in your convictions with balance, harmony and peace.  With devotion and inner wisdom you will manifest your desired results.  See the larger picture, work with the details.  The Equinox portal allows more balance on the spiritual and material dimensions. 

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The 15th REALM of learning

August 9th to October 5th

Ambition, Spontaneity, Instinctual Awareness - Read more HERE


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