August 2020 Ascension Energies Update

This month’s theme:  Ambition

Hello Soul Family,

August is a powerful month that will help us further fine-tune our growing empowered Self and move forward with our lives. After the August 8th Leo Power Gateway we move into the next phase of our healing on August 9th, which is the 15th Realm.  

The new neural and spiritual connections, along with heart expansion we forged during July’s  Ascension energies will carry us into the first part of the 15th Realm’s learning, which is a deeper understanding of earthly and spiritual ambition.  Understanding the layers and the difference between these two concepts will shift our life force, ground our Root chakra, and bring more internal inner alignment with our soulful purpose.  In turn, we will be able to sense and feel our way through the next steps, connect ourselves more strongly with the Divine, as well as provide energetic engagement for the higher good. 

Earthly Ambition is about making our dreams real.  We weave the tapestry of our life with an ambition that requires hard work, will power, perseverance and guts.  Overcoming our fear, loving ourselves, and holding the thread of intention is needed to manifest our dreams as reality, however, we must also do our part in the weaving.  All plans and intentions will remain so unless we are committed to being productive and industrious because Spirit will not do all of it for us.  Taking action is necessary; knowing what we are willing to do, to sacrifice, to compromise, who to co-create with and releasing limiting beliefs around what is possible.  All of this is needed to engage in our earthly ambitions. 

Too often though in our current paradigm ambition with misaligned intent seeks to control others and their beliefs, it twists reality so that it serves only us and those we favour.  We will use fear, shame, blame, and guilt to drive the outcome at all costs.  Control of our reality keeps us safe, or so we think it does.  This does not serve the higher good, nor does it foster co-creation.  This type of earthly ambition only serves shadow and the ego.  It creates suffering, divisiveness, separation, hate, fear, and pain within us and others. There is too much of this type of ambition in the world right now, particularly as it pertains to COVID-19.

This month we are being asked to understand the exquisite difference in the positive and shadow use of ambition.  How do we want to use our ambition going forward to co-create and serve in the world?  What is calling to us and bringing us passion?

To access this wisdom we will continue to clear, and learn to discern much more closely, see all situations with a 360-degree view in terms of its impact. Each of us is becoming acutely aware of how we hold our power and how we move through life on earth.  If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that we are all connected, impacted through this earthly connection and that if we tug or rip at one thread, we will damage each other and the overall web of life.  This does not mean we give up our beliefs or boundaries, nor hand over our power to the “authorities”, it means having awareness, stating our truth, taking action as needed to move forward,  while treating others with kindness, respect, and listening to each other.  If we or others step out of line within this type of power, our inner radar and newly expanded heart will pick it up even more quickly.  

Also,  what we will learn in August is how we work with feelings of powerlessness due to being controlled more, denied more, and restricted in every part of our life.  This will require us to continue to adapt, innovate, evolve, and forge deeper co-creative bonds with those around us. It is important to take the time to listen to ourselves and choose without any external pressure.

Another level of ambition that some will be initiated into or see more upshift in consciousness requires a growing awareness of spiritual ambition or what is better termed as a dedication to the Path of Light and Truth.  This is the type of ambition that appears as we evolve and engage with our Higher Self.

Spiritual Ambition is a type of “ambitious devotion” that allows us to flow with life, to engage in what brings us passion with no set direction other than wise, present moment awareness and conscious decisions that resonate with our inner compass.  There is no looking out in the future to predict or control the outcome.  This requires a type of spiritual intelligence that is unwavering and has a trustful connection to Divine Source.  We operate from fairness, compassion, and balance.  It’s vital that there is no personal agenda at all as we serve others, therefore trusting that we will receive help from Spirit,  letting it unfold once a course is set, and shapeshifting, or course-correcting along the way. This is a spiritual partnership or Sacred Union with the Divine.

This is a tough level of awareness to attain, as it means the slow death of the ego and is a painful period of growth, however, to fulfill the shift of consciousness that needs to be attained in this Age of Aquarius, we must move this way on the spiritual path.   The last 3 years of the Ascension process has seen the collective and individual egos, with all their psychological idiosyncrasies, painfully and begrudgingly release their grip on us little by little (Many of those that could not go through this process have either died and/or harmed others in tragic ways).

Ushering in undifferentiated unity to the collective requires this type of “ambition”, as we each have our lessons to learn and our part to play that is in our Divine Blueprint.    This is the Year of Alignment with these concepts as pivotal to us deciding if we as a species will thrive and usher in an co-creative period of balance, abundance, and financial stability for ALL.

For more details see my video blog below!

In service and with love,

(PS - I wrote a longer written blog than usual this month as it just flowed out of me and Spirit said that August was the turning point in 2020, therefore more guidance needed.)

Archetypes for AUGUST (what we are learning):  The Warrior (balanced power), The Earth Mother (self-healing, soul purpose)

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for August: You will be navigating through feelings of powerlessness, trauma and deeper emotions.  Learn to use those emotions wisely as there will be more disconnection and divisiveness among people.  As well as COVID restrictions that tighten on us, cause psychological issues, and interrupt daily life. Invite in fairness, compassion, cooperation, healthy discussion, and understanding in all areas of your life.  Direct any passion or emotional expression for your path of service, not in wanting to be right or to change someone else’s belief system. (see the Warrior Essence)   It’s also time to hone in on your soul’s purpose and learn to practice balanced earthly ambition and spiritual ambition. (See the Earth Mother Essence). Practice being detached, open, and flowing (see my video for more info on these concepts).

There will still be sleep issues, redemptive dreaming, heat flushing/sweating, digestion discomfort with pain (particularly in the liver/gallbladder area), clearing in the digestive area off and on, circulatory problems, heart pain and palpitations, swollen, watery or dry red eyes, sinus issues, cortisol spiking (so weight gain around the middle), blood sugar issues, itchy skin, frayed nerves, fear, grief, feeling unsafe, moments of passion, joy and clarity.

Cosmic Events

August 3  - Full Moon in Aquarius (Calgary, AB, MST) -  Be open to receiving guidance about the way forward for you.  The Divine Feminine is encouraging the awakening and empowering of all living beings so know that what you are intuiting is the way forward.  There is no need to rush, control, or know the outcome.  Help and guidance will come as needed, so detach and trust!

August 18 - New Moon in Leo (Calgary, AB, MST) Remember that you are not powerless in the face of events, you do not need to wait for the winds of fate to blow on you to the next phase of your life.  Take dynamic action where needed! Learn to utilize your internal emotional energy and growing feminine expression.  Use your intuition and intention, learning to harness their power to aid you in action toward your dreams and your life goals. Listen carefully to your emotional body and its response to decisions you are making, or to those that seem thrust upon you.  If it feels right it probably is.  Above all, trust yourself.  

August 11, 12 - Perseids Meteor Shower peaks. Meteors shake up the spiritual ethers and break through dimensional veils. Our thought patterns become more muddled, dreams tend to be wilder as we use this cosmic energy via the pineal in our brain to find more illumination.

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The 15th REALM of learning

August 9th to October 5th

Ambition, Spontaneity, Instinctual Awareness - Read more HERE



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