August 2021 ‌Ascension‌ ‌Energies‌ ‌Update‌ ‌

August’s Ascension Theme: Weaving the Golden Future

“Our weavings in the cosmic web are not self-contained. Rather, they are part of the design of our collective humanity.” -Lisa Hunt

“Never forget that the universe is a single living organism possessed of one substance and one soul, holding all things suspended in a single consciousness and creating all things with a single purpose that they might work together spinning and weaving and knotting whatever comes to pass.” -Marcus Aurelius

“Nowhere on the shore is the relation of a creature to its surroundings a matter of a single cause and effect; each living thing is bound to its world by many threads, weaving the intricate design of the fabric of life.” -Rachel Carson

 Hello Awakened Soul!

August energies usher us through the Golden Leo portal at 8:8. August 8th is a cosmic gateway that brings about another choicepoint for ourselves and humanity as the new Earth Timeline anchors in the chance for peace, of building a peaceful future and creating a culture of compassion, tolerance and harmony. A destiny we could not manifest before this massive shift in human consciousness due to constant karmic looping in the old Earth Timeline. The same themes were played out over and over that kept us in separation, control, fear and adversity.

However, as more continue to Awaken, and we evolve in our sense of sovereignty, freedom and heart centered empowerment, change IS possible. And perhaps what we see in the world needs to unravel and become so horrible, distasteful, uncomfortable and confusing to us that we will then find the strength and courage to choose another path.

In this Year of Unravelling, we are now at a turning point where we can separate our consciousness from the current world strife, corruption, control and discrimination, and rise above to Weave a Golden Future in our hearts and minds.  Every ounce of our cellular memory of a co-creative way to live within and without is coming online in cosmic stages. There is a great remembering rising within us that beckons us to see situations from an overall viewpoint, a holographic version that encompasses all aspects to entice us into the present with acceptance and trust. To see life as an adventure, with every moment an opportunity to learn and grow.

This month our spiritual development will rise exponentially after the 8:8 Gateway, and there will be more balancing within, and clearing of the 3 Brains (Head, Heart and Gut) to allow us to attract and manifest the path of the True Authentic Self.  As this happens we have the chance to create a life that is abundantly balanced and sustainable on all levels. 

The spiritual key is to keep tuning into the higher frequencies like one would do to find on a favourite radio station on a car stereo system. To attune and listen on another level above the earthly rhetoric, polarity, and old fear-based programming. This is where knowing what makes cosmic creation tick comes in handy to navigate the shifts that are coming.

Please watch my video below for more details!

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Archetypes for August (what we are learning/healing):
The Sorceress/Sorcerer (Soul Pathwork)


The Sorceress/Sorcerer Elixir, The Sorceress/Sorcerer Essence

Healing Teas:  Soul Chakra Tea (grounding, empowerment), Love Chakra Tea (earthly love, forgiveness)

Sacred Sprays: Soul Chakra Spray, Love Chakra Spray

Bodycare: Soulful Ritual Soak (free flow of energy and love, physical vitality)


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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for August:  this month you are being given an upgrade in your head, heart and gut to enhance symbolic and intuitive thinking for easier manifestation of your truth, so that you can trust where you are being led and accept your present circumstances (Sorceress/Sorcerer). More integration with the unknown and your intuition will emerge so that you can live authentically without fear, censure and doubt. Let your anxiety melt away, allow self-acceptance and trust of yourself to come into your being (Sorceress/Sorcerer). The Divine Feminine is seeping into the collective consciousness at a rapid rate, and your empowered feminine and awakened masculine are partnering at the next level to influence your Soul Pathwork.

Let your growing wisdom be your guide above all else! Sit in your knowing and have faith in what you find in your core. Get out of your comfort zone, listen to your intuitive nudges and learn something or try something new! 

Know that your relationships will improve going forward with more reciprocation and that your inner child is healing.

Ascension symptoms for August include:  clearing and harmonizing of the brain, heart and gut. Humming/ringing in the ears, grief, energy and heat fluctuations in the body, new truths and perspectives, better boundaries, deeper integrity, more creativity and connecting with your passion and desires, letting go, sadness, more clarity, up and down intensity of emotions, emotional sensitivity, throbbing of the throat, dry throat, swollen tonsils/tongue, soreness in the thymus area, jaw/neck tension, plugged/pouring sinuses, stuffed up head/ears, achy, achy/sore joints, heaviness in the chest, poor digestion/pain in solar plexus, red/dry eyes, kidney pain, some heartache and pain, shoulder blade pain, watery/blurry eyes, low grade headaches, pain behind the eyes (if you have any concerns please consult your health practitioner).

Cosmic Events

August 8 - 8:8 Gateway, New Moon in Leo, 6:50 AM PDT 

August 12,13 - Perseids Meteor Shower peaks 

August 22 - Full Moon/Blue Moon in Aquarius,  5:01 AM PDT


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The Golden Spiral Collection are very high vibrating flower, gem and cosmic essence blends, which are attuned and embody Light Coding to support us as we continue our soulful journey to embody and live a New Earth reality.  

Each Golden Spiral essence is an attunement to Divine Creation and its cosmic laws and principles. The Golden Spiral essences were made to support the shifts that will be needed in one’s growing crystalline vibrational template and assist one in attuning to higher dimensions and states of consciousness. 

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During 2021 through 2031 there will be a massive re-birthing of the Divine Feminine within our world. This is the loving, flowing energy of balance, creativity, intuition, abundance and heart-centered spirituality. This time will also see the dissolution of old systems and an awareness of our connectedness to All That Is.

We are preparing for the next Golden Age that will begin in 2032. However many are unprepared and will find these 10 years confusing and hopeless unless one is willing to actively engage with and master the principles and laws of Divine Creation.

This group will be learning how to partner with the energies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Creation which directs us and connects us to a co-creative existence and infinite possibilities. This includes attunement and alignment with the 12 Spiritual Laws and 12 Chakras, respecting and adhering to the 5 Cycles of Creation, and increasing activation of our 12 strands of human DNA.

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