July 2020 Ascension Energies Update

This month’s theme:  Connections

“I cleanse the windows of my mind, that it may become a mirror reflecting inspiration from the most High. I do this, not with strenuous effort, but through quiet contemplation, through gently reaching and affirming an inward recognition. I know exactly what to do in every situation. There is an inspiration within me which governs every act, every thought, with certainty, with conviction and in peace.” - Ernest Holmes

“Peace comes from the absence of fear, from a consciousness of trust, from a deep, underlying faith in the absolute goodness and mercy, the final integrity of the universe in which we live, and of every cause to which we give our thought, our time and our attention.” - Ernest Holmes

Hello Soul Family,

June was a month that needed resolute faith and trust in ourselves along with surrendering to the universal flow.  We were also required to move through vast amounts of emotional healing and find the tenacity and deep courage to do so.   Long-held patterns came from the shadows into the light as we slowly worked through them to regain more freedom, peace and self-love.  Clarifying our needs and our inner truth, as well as using our voice were woven into the threads of our spiritual lessons.  

Moving into July’s energies we have one more feminine lunar eclipse gateway with the July 4th Full Moon, and Mercury Retrograde continues until July 12th.  Thereafter we will see less relationship tension, divine detours or perceived roadblocks and be blessed with supportive circumstances and opportunities. We are BECOMING wiser, resilient and heart-centred human BEings.

We are creating stronger connections with each other, new connections within the neural pathways of our brain for greater imagination and multi-dimensional perspectives, and energetically shifting our awareness from separation to connection, from self-centred limitation to Spirit-centred infinite possibility and potential. 

For more please see my video below.

In service and with love,

Archetypes for JULY (what we are learning):  The Sorceress/Sorcerer (Divine Feminine, Cosmic Mind), The Sage (Imagination, Psychic Perception), The Lover (Love, Joy).

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for July:  

As in June, July’s energies will continue your healing path as you purify, raise your frequency and integrate into Oneness.

There is more light that will enter your solar plexus (after having cleansed so much in that area in June) and allow you to shine and bring in new opportunities that resonate with your higher vibrational frequency.  

You will still have redemptive dreaming at night with vivid dreams, deeper processing, downloads and insights during that time which will help you to heal. There will be some anger,  grief and heartache, but you will have more peace and harmony as a result of letting go.  

Your heart is expanding and healing.  Hold the intention that you will attract more love into your life and dissolve the walls around your heart.  You will then begin to trust in your life path as you heal past hurt and disappointment. (See the Lover Elixir below)

Your third eye is clearing and attuning.  Hold the intention to unblock old patterns of self-limitation and stagnation to free yourself.  And that you are ready to clear debris from your psyche so that you can tap into your own talents and divine direction.  Lastly, hold the intention that you want support to clear old blockages and habitual patterns and allow higher frequencies to enter your body! (see the Sage Elixir below)

Support the health of your nervous system and heart (See Lover Elixir below). Vascular issues (vein pain, migraines, headaches, throbbing) will continue.    There will still be some heat flushing and sweating.  Digestion will still be unsettled, you may also have a sore neck and shoulder blades, along with heartache / pain. Please stay hydrated - it’s still very important for this phase of healing. 

Cosmic Events

July 4   - Full Moon / Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (Calgary, AB, MST) -  You will be advancing on the next phase of your destiny, or you will be taken on a divine detour.  If Spirit creates roadblocks or detours know that this type of cosmic energy is for the best. Don’t be too attached to the form and timing of your desire.  Trust that you have everything you need within you to generate your own opportunities, relationships and more. Your guides and angels will help you with the rest.  Listen to any internal nudges or intuitive promptings as well, these will help you move forward and step up into another level of service. Eclipse gateways are powerful accelerators of destiny so surrender and flow.

July 20 - New Moon in Cancer (Calgary, AB, MST) -  It’s time to make decisions or set goals, even if all is not clear at the moment.  If you listen and tap into your inner knowing then you will have the answers.  Hold fast to your dreams, do not sabotage them, and know that you are connected to the energy of all that is.  Tap into your growing creative power and create new and more beautiful dreams. You are being blessed with supportive circumstances and opportunities. Know that you are moving from separation to connection, from self-centred limitation to Spirit-centered infinite possibility and potential.  

July 28, 29 - Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower peaks- Meteors shake up the spiritual ethers and breakthrough dimensional veils. Our thought patterns become more muddled, dreams tend to be wilder as we use this cosmic energy via the pineal in our brain to find more illumination.

Mercury Retrograde (in Cancer):
Pre-shadow - June 2 to 16
Mercury Retrograde - June 17 to July 11
Post-shadow - July 12 to 26 

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The Sorceress/Sorcerer is born with innate inner knowledge, a natural set of skills that she or he is born with.  It is the closest archetype to CREATION, the universal energies connected to the Divine Feminine or Divine Goddess.  

This archetype allows one to see with more clarity that which no longer serves one's highest good, peeling away old belief systems and limitations.  This aids us in feeling that we intuitively understand our true talents and purpose in life without "searching".  A deeper understanding of this brings an increased level of accountability for each of us.  Sorceress/Sorcerer's live within the spiral of creation and are able to read the cosmic intricacies needed to create one's own life experiences, they are not dependent on others to weave their reality.  

This is about living on your own terms. As karmic residue leaves there is a gradual authentic remembering, bringing about the True YOU.    

Formerly only available in Herbal Elixir version, this flower /gem essence version takes the Sorceress/Sorcerer archetypal learning to a higher vibration beyond physical embodiment to mental, emotional and metaphysical alignment!

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Thank you to the talented Lavanya (design & illustrations) and Bryanne (co-co-writing & editing) for their help in creating of this incredible card deck!  I love you, ladies!  

Samantha Orthlieb

Follow my blog for intuitively channelled insights on our Human Ascension process and the embodiment of a new Human Evolutionary Template within ourselves. My blog contains the latest themes, patterns, and common health and wellness issues that are affecting each of us and the collective consciousness as we upgrade and heal during this new paradigm of Love and Light.