Spiritual / Evolving  Archetype Essence Line

Spiritual / Evolving Archetype Essence Line

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Suggested Dosage: 15 drops twice daily. Drop directly in your mouth or a glass of water.

This vibrational medicine line includes:

The Shaman Essence, The Mystic Essence, The Spiritual Warrior Essence, The Magical Child Essence, The Muse Essence, The Alchemist Essence, The Priest/Priestess Essence, The Enchanter/Enchantress Essence, The Sorcerer/Sorceress Essence

You can use the Spiritual/Evolving Belief Repatterning Card to determine the archetypal belief(s) in each of your chakras that require healing on your spiritual journey. You can then further explore these archetypes in my Opening the Senses of the Soul book and Oracle Deck which will help you understand their purpose in your Ascension process.