Ascension Updates

The Line in the Sand

“Everybody's life is either a warning or an example. You've got to decide what you're gonna be and you have to draw a line in the sand.” -Tony Robb...

2014: The Year of the Spiritually Fittest (Part 2)

“Once you go into a ceremony, you go into the light, around the curve, and you bring your patients back from another world where they are already dead, from lack of spirituality.” – Yakima healer “The white man talks about the mind and body and spirit as if they are separate.  For us they are […]

From 3D to 5D: The Tipping Point of Evolving Consciousness

“Conscious of my destiny I let my body become dream” – Myriam Michaliski, We’Moon 2013, (pg 166)   Hello Soul Family! True to form Mercury Retrograde’s shadow energies have delayed the launch of my Evolving Products!  Or rather the launch is not quite going the way I had planned!  So rather than sit feeling helpless […]

2013: The Year of Possibility and Transformation

“Wrap our souls in the shroud of rapture and sound.  Create in us everything which has been lost and all which is unknowable.” – From Song of the End, Christine Fortuin “I dwell in possibility…The spreading wide my narrow Hands, To gather Paradise” – From I dwell in Possibility, Emily Dickinson 2012 heralded the largest […]